Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea

Dead Sea, situated in the south of the Jordan Valley, the salty closed sea 400 meters below sea level is the lowest place on Earth.
The Dead Sea is renowned for its salt and mineral content, which lots of folks say makes it a natural healing agent for skin issues. Or see People from all over the world have been visiting the Dead Sea for several years for curative treatments and to enjoy its relaxing waters.

5.000 Decades of History

The prophets understood it via the infamous Sodom and Gomorra. During the Egyptian conquest it is said that Queen Cleopatra obtained exclusive rights to build cosmetic and pharmaceutical factories in the region. In Roman times the Essenes settled in Qumran on the Dead Sea northern coast for a place of refuge and on the heights of Masada a small group of rebellious Jewish zealots held out against the might of the Roman Legion. The remoteness of this area attracted Greek Orthodox monks since the Victorian age. Their monasteries like Saint George in Wadi Kelt and Mar Saba in the Judean Desert are places of pilgrimage. Bedouin tribes have always lived in the region and more recently explorers and scientists came to examine the minerals and conduct research to the exceptional climate. Since the 1960’s, tourists from all of the world also have researched the Dead Sea area.

Located on the heart of the Great Syrian-African rift valley which stretches throughout Israel and outside, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on the ground (400 meters or 1,320 feet below sea level), and is flanked by the Judean Mountains on the west, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Mountains of Moab on the east, the Jordan Valley and Sea of Galilee to the north and the Negev Desert in Addition to the Red Sea to the south.

12 of them are found in no other sea or area and some are recognized for imparting a relaxed feeling, nourishing the skin, activating the circulatory systems and for easing rheumatic discomfort and metabolic disorders. For instance, the Dead Sea contains 10 times more salts and minerals compared to the Mediterranean Sea. The high salt and mineral concentration enables every person to float in its waters but does not enable the proliferation of fish and other marine life.

Thermo-mineral Springs

Found in Many places along the Dead Sea shores. The many minerals in the warm water are dominated by sulfur. Soaking in the heated sulfur pools activates the circulatory system and increases the oxygen supply to your system.

Flows in the Judean Hills to the lower regions fronting the Dead Sea. When trekking across the area’s”wadis” (seasonal dry river beds) and oasis, an individual can frequently splash in waterfalls and cool streams. Natural mineral spring water is bottled and locally promoted around the nation.

The Sun

The Dead Sea is the only place in the world where you can sunbathe for extended periods with little if any sunburn because damaging ultraviolet rays are filtered through three natural layers: an additional atmospheric layer, an evaporation layer which exists over the Dead Sea and a rather thick ozone layer.

The Air
The region’s miraculous atmosphere is dry, unpolluted and pollen-free with low humidity. Because of the continuous evaporation, the atmosphere has high concentrations of many minerals, mainly bromine, providing a really calming effect.

Due to the high barometric pressure it’s approximately 8 percent more oxygen than anyplace else in the world and thus makes breathing easier.

Black Mud

A signature element of the Dead Sea, black sand is optional blend of Dead Sea minerals, important organic elements in the coastline in addition to earth. Indulging in a dark mud body wrap has both therapeutic and cosmetic advantages – known to cleanse and stimulate the skin, alleviate muscle and psychological tensions, improve blood flow, and ease rheumatic pain. The abundant minerals as well as the sand tightening actions promote flow by increasing the supply of oxygen to and removing the toxins in the skin, thus firming and toning up skin cells, leaves skin glowing and youthful looking. Dead Sea Mineral Mud cleans, purifies, and restores the skin’s natural minerals.

The Salt

As the name implies, the Dead Sea is devoid of life because of an extremely high content of salts and minerals. It’s these natural components which gave the water its curative powers. Dead Sea Salt and Dead Sea Mud have been recognized by millions of people as one source of health and beauty since the days of Herod the Great, over 2,000 years back. The Dead Sea has a 33% concentration of salts and minerals (compared to just 3% in the sea ). Dead Sea Salt original mineral composition improves cell metabolism and leads to its regeneration and restoration. Dead Sea Salt also acts as a disinfectant and aid in removing harmful substances from the skin.

Modern Black Men

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Being being a man in this day an age is almost like taking a roller coaster ride through life, Whoa! . Cool! Right where was I.. .

Yes, being a young black man and living in britain or in my case London daily it can be suggested a roller coaster ride.

Firstly I need to say, the something that gets me is the staring, it’s the obvious low!

White girls, white guys, Chinese people etc, they stare, it’s funny but Indian women and men do not stare as much, maybe they feel safe or are just use to the exact same treatment! Who knows? I mean I could walk on any street, night and day and its always the same, take just another day, it was 5pm on a Thursday, it was a lovely day, there I was walking up a very prominent road near Holland park, near where I actually live, I always walk on the right hand side of any street or road, I do not know why its just my way! So as I was walking, playing tunes from my ipod and taking in the sights of this gorgeous beautiful Houses on this street. Ahead of me I could see a very attractive woman and yes she was white, as I got nearer to this lady I noticed she was looking right at me, I thought to myself great she is stunning and she is looking at me, cool! However, as we got closer she paused and crossed over to the other side of the road and as she did, she kept looking back at me. . .Hmm! I thought to myself, not great! Now again, do not fly of the handle but to me it seemed as though she was scared of me or found me threatening. Which is understandable in this day an age with how society is but what got me was that this road was fairly long and if she wanted to cross over why didn’t she do it much sooner? But it got worse for me that specific day because within a minute or 2. . .it occur again and this time the woman was much older. I was starting to think I must seem like a perfect villain in spite of the fact that I’d been dress quite decent plus I was carrying my guitar (instance ) in my shoulders.

We won’t speak about the police and the stop and search factor but I will say that, that is only gone completely over the top, too much stories to tell so I’ll stop there because that is just the one of those lows, now let me give you a high, I think you deserve to hear the advantages in addition to the downsides but after hearing it, would you say it was a positive thing or a negative thing?

Well! . .one of the greatest things about being a Black Man is how Women perceive us, Black men attract women in a different manner than the normal man, or should I say a white man. White guys will always get girls because it’s their world and that’s fine by me but being Black we have something that they will never have and know. We have the difference! Women who enjoy this gap may inform you, they enjoy it because they just prefer black guys, I think that there’s a deeper meaning to the madness. I think it comes down to one thing and that’s fear. Well take it from me; we know that if we are in need of something and we know we can not have it, we tend to go out of our way to get it and that’s how all of this started, it’s just progressed quietly within different generations, cultures and life generally.

I’ve travelled around the world and every time I leave the UK I am always racially abused in some way, from airport security around the world to European cities where there are zero Black men and so as soon as you get of the plane you become like a alien and everyone stares at you and sees the gap that I have been talking about. But going back to the women for a second or two, they do frequently see something else than their male counterparts. Most times it’s great for me, sometimes it’s not but being a man you can not always get the girl! Various women from all around the world prefer a certain kind of person, be it about their religious beliefs, or sexually traits or their fear of the distinction, What I have observed and have made a note of is that Asian women i.e. Chinese or Indian will not be seen dead with a Black man, Eastern women are a little different, the new generation of young girls do find Black men more attractive but that depends on the nationality of the Black male. American women are certainly mixing it in the moment a good deal more than ever but that’s down to the way Black men are portrayed in the united states. English Girls are showing signs but for me mostly in cosmopolitan London. Irish and Scottish White women will not go down that road. The welsh women are much more receptive to the idea but generally there’s still segregation amongst the mixing of Black Men and White Women across the world, again for me it is very much understandable.

In my case I get a great deal of attention from White women in fact much more than I would get from Black women, so what does that tell you! So as I said, is it a good thing or bad thing? If you do not believe me just check out any dating site, that’s where all of the evidence is. Just look at what the girls want and you’ll see. . .90percent of these women want white males and only 10% don’t care what the guy looks like. Again that is just how the world is, preference is quite important to most people.

So the ride continues. . .we have had our ups and downs, what more can I add, well the worse part of the ride for me is straightforward and it’s the way society sees Black men as a whole! This is a touchy subject that haunts me into the heart of my spirit but what people really don’t know is that being Black we see things very easy, we don’t go around thinking we are better than anybody that is the first thingwe don’t see racism throughout our eyes when we look at a different culture, we don’t wonder why you’re that color and why we are this color but with how we have been duped by the world with easy things like Great is shown by the color White and Bad is revealed as Black, its easy things like this that continues beliefs in white culture which colour Black should be feared.

Also the absence of White people around the World, not knowing just where they come from and their own history, Being a Black Man or Black Woman we obviously want to comprehend our origins and we pursue this everyday and the majority of the new generation of Blacks around the globe know much more about where they come from, much more than a White Person. The History of Black people is seldom told so we are left to our own devices to get the answers and questions so that we are the proud people and race that we are now. Remember that this is only my view point of this situation about being a Black. Yours may be different but that’s what makes us the people we are. So now and the next day and the months and years ahead I shall continue my Roller Coaster Ride as a Black man and hopefully I’ll see a few changes in my time, Hopefully!


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Believers and long-time investigators of Unidentified Flying Objects phenomena expressed disappointment regarding the way Peter Jennings handled the ABC News Special Report recently led to the United States television audience.

Attendees of the 14th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL UFO CONGRESS CONVENTION and FILM FESTIVAL held March 6-12, 2005 in Laughlin, Nevada talked publicly of having expected too much. They expected Peter Jennings Special ABC News Report on UFOs to at least leave non-believers with a positive impression of this often disputed topic. However, even with such convincing research, photos, and documentation as was made accessible to the show’s producers to utilize by valid investigators, ABC still elected to not use the majority of the best material.

“The first hour of the broadcast was great,” said one frustrated viewer. “Then, in the second half, they turned it around in such a way as to leave countless undecided. ABC’s experts were skeptical of eye-witness sightings, and discounted any official cover-up or disinformation agenda regarding UFOs, extraterrestrials, flying saucers, and alien abductions by our government.”

In startling contrast to the Jennings’ report with its convenient,”Computer generated animation’s” the well informed 700 UFO Congress attendees watched”Actual time/dated video footage.” A demonstration showing hundreds of UFOs, extraterrestrial, or alien aerial craft has been introduced by Mexico’s most respected,”60 Minutes”,”Sunday To Sunday”, and”ECO” anchor & esteemed journalist, Jaime Maussan.

Maussan was but one of the over one-dozen distinguished speakers, scientists, researchers, UFO investigators, retired military analysts, renowned authors, university professors, and internationally acclaimed experts, assembled from around the world, who presented conclusive evidence of ordinary alien visitations to Planet Earth.

The worldwide view was overwhelmingly positive in agreement that UFOs are real and the consequences of the growing willingness to allow themselves to be filmed is another indication that the people of the planet needs to be brought up to speed.

The Safespace News Agency, a reality based video News Magazine was established on the premise that THE MAINSTREAM NEWS IS THE COVER-UP!

According to Safespace North American manufacturer, Robert D. Miles,”Our journalists at are ready to debunk the debunkers,” he guaranteed. “We are preparing to tell the world the real story of what’s really happening, on a planetary basis. Viewers will see our world as it really is, not as they are currently being told it is, by the mainstream media. The UFO truth is coming out thereā€¦”

In the near future, stirred-up UFO advocates might not be let-down.

Make Gas Cheaper

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Very once in a while, someone begins a campaign to reduce gas prices by urging everyone not to buy any gas on a certain date. The preferred date is far enough in the future to permit for a enormous e-mail and newscast effort to spread the news far and wide across the land and get everyone geared up for the big moment. The point is that the resulting surplus of unsold gas would induce sellers to reduce the prices so as to have the ability to unload the stuff. There are just two issues with this idea: 1) almost nobody participates and 2) people who do participate purchase their gasoline the day before or the day after the target date, so the net result is the same amount of gasoline is sold and the cost stays too high.

I’ve noticed that many motorists completely ignore the speed limit on the freeway. Where I live, the freeway speed limit in town is 65 mph. It’s quite possible to drive that fast in the right hand (“slow”) lane and have people come up on your bumper and provide you an annoyed look as they move around you because they believe you’re driving too slowly! 80 miles in the left hand (“quickly” or”passing”) lane is normal, as are people in hurry braiding in and out of lanes because they believe their time is more important than yours and you’re in their way. You may not need to hear this, but such driving wastes gas! The same gas you whine and moan about every time you fill out in the pump becomes wasted out on the freeway by such drivers.

According to the site Howstuffworks, the ideal mileage can be accomplished by driving between 40-60 mph. Now I am here to tell you that driving 40 miles on the freeway will get you one of 3 things: 1) a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic 2) to – or getting the cause of – and – injury 3) killed. However, driving at 60 mph will not cause any more dirty looks than driving at 65, provided that you remain in the right hand lane.

Now I can hear you already:”However, I am late!” Plan ahead, and leave a few minutes earlier. Consider it for a moment. If you drive 65 mph for a whole hour, you’ll only be 5 miles further down the street that if you drove 60 miles for that exact same hour. Those who spend an entire hour commuting are usually not driving 65 miles. You’re driving more like 10 miles, crawling along at running rates. This will not work for that type of commute. But if your drive is such that you have the choice of driving faster than 60 mph, DON’T!

The great thing about the system is that you benefit from it even if nobody else participates! There’s a very real possibility you could fill your tank up one less time per month. That would save you $20-$50 a month, which is $240-$600 each year. Spend it on Christmas gifts. Splurge a bit on your vacation. There are tons of ways that you could enjoy the excess money. And if other individuals participate, because a growing number of people are buying one less tank of gasoline per month, the distribution would go up because the need would be down, which would mean lower costs that would benefit everyone (except possibly OPEC, and they do not want the money.) Try it!