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Very once in a while, someone begins a campaign to reduce gas prices by urging everyone not to buy any gas on a certain date. The preferred date is far enough in the future to permit for a enormous e-mail and newscast effort to spread the news far and wide across the land and get everyone geared up for the big moment. The point is that the resulting surplus of unsold gas would induce sellers to reduce the prices so as to have the ability to unload the stuff. There are just two issues with this idea: 1) almost nobody participates and 2) people who do participate purchase their gasoline the day before or the day after the target date, so the net result is the same amount of gasoline is sold and the cost stays too high.

I’ve noticed that many motorists completely ignore the speed limit on the freeway. Where I live, the freeway speed limit in town is 65 mph. It’s quite possible to drive that fast in the right hand (“slow”) lane and have people come up on your bumper and provide you an annoyed look as they move around you because they believe you’re driving too slowly! 80 miles in the left hand (“quickly” or”passing”) lane is normal, as are people in hurry braiding in and out of lanes because they believe their time is more important than yours and you’re in their way. You may not need to hear this, but such driving wastes gas! The same gas you whine and moan about every time you fill out in the pump becomes wasted out on the freeway by such drivers.

According to the site Howstuffworks, the ideal mileage can be accomplished by driving between 40-60 mph. Now I am here to tell you that driving 40 miles on the freeway will get you one of 3 things: 1) a ticket for impeding the flow of traffic 2) to – or getting the cause of – and – injury 3) killed. However, driving at 60 mph will not cause any more dirty looks than driving at 65, provided that you remain in the right hand lane.

Now I can hear you already:”However, I am late!” Plan ahead, and leave a few minutes earlier. Consider it for a moment. If you drive 65 mph for a whole hour, you’ll only be 5 miles further down the street that if you drove 60 miles for that exact same hour. Those who spend an entire hour commuting are usually not driving 65 miles. You’re driving more like 10 miles, crawling along at running rates. This will not work for that type of commute. But if your drive is such that you have the choice of driving faster than 60 mph, DON’T!

The great thing about the system is that you benefit from it even if nobody else participates! There’s a very real possibility you could fill your tank up one less time per month. That would save you $20-$50 a month, which is $240-$600 each year. Spend it on Christmas gifts. Splurge a bit on your vacation. There are tons of ways that you could enjoy the excess money. And if other individuals participate, because a growing number of people are buying one less tank of gasoline per month, the distribution would go up because the need would be down, which would mean lower costs that would benefit everyone (except possibly OPEC, and they do not want the money.) Try it!

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