Russian Peace at the Price of Ukraine’s Sovereignty

Ukraine Without Crimea, Map

This was possible due to former president Barak Obama.

What should be done today? Should Ukraine under support of NATO take action to recover the lands? Such a war can jump to a nuclear war as Russia was hinted repeatedly. Obviously this route is unacceptable. A whole lot more desirable is to discover a solution by using peaceful ways.

The question about the relations of Trumps headquarters with Russia prevented him forwarding his policy toward Russia.

Now the division between the East and the West is represented on the foundation state of origin reserved on the Ukraine. Behaving himself ardently, Trump can leave behind damaging his critics.

Along with the American society, including the majority members of Congress, are thankful for the return of regular relations between the USA and Russia.

For Russia the end of economic sanctions and for Trump this can develop into a drama which in the long run will abandon the Russian enemy.

Here is my viewpoint. UN should suggest to Russia the following:

Crimea stays in Russia’ possession and this deed needs to be legitimized.

At exactly the same time Ukraine presents a claim of their fiscal expenditures in the time Crimea became part of Ukraine till today. In addition to account of all of the losses connected with the war and occupation of East Ukraine by Russians.

After the debt is paid by Russia that the UN would conduct a decision allowing Crimea and Russia join lawfully. Russia will be mandated to draw the troops from the Ukraine land within well-defined timeframe. These actions would permit the peace and order to be restored in the area.

Now it’s time for Putin’s close collaborators to give him a bit of advice to defy from the future elections. Later on Russia should organize free and fair democratic elections, so that a president can collaborate with other people on Russia’s involvement in the European Union. At the point the European Union should work on the question of the removal of the North Atlantic Pact and the creation of a EU military instead.

The execution of this pointing out tips, will bring peace and prosperity for several years to come.

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